Thursday, May 20, 2010

KL - Genting - Phuket , 12-17 May 2010

Welcome to the next my backpacking trip in 2010,
once again it was supported by free tickets provided by Airasia that i bought in November 2009. The different between this trip with the previous one is "the participants", hehehhe...
The participants are only Me and CacingIjo heheheh, my very best friend named as Chandra and we've made it!!!!

We have booked return ticket around midnight (02.00 am) hahaha, whenever free seats published on November 11, 2009. Actually, it was due to our willingness to travel in 2010, no specific destination argued. So, after checking the quota for a while, We have agreed to booked Jakarta - Phuket for 14-17 May 2010, furthermore we decided to extend our trip by booking one way ticket from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur on May 12, 2010 and Kuala Lumpur - Penang on May 13, 2010. And....Overland from Penang to Phuket. So, totally our trip starting on May 12 till 17, 2010.

At the time goes by , we have no further discussion due to the my continuity assignment as an auditor and no available matched schedule for both of us. Until a week before our departure, i just finished my client at Surabaya and he's got the closing period. Oh My God!!!!

No wonder, we booked our hostel in Kuala Lumpur and Penang on (Site for backpacker hostel) in separate place (we worked at different office), and communicate by phone (how's great!!!). But we made it. We booked Cosmopolitan Hostel in Kuala Lumpur and Boomerang Lodge in Penang. Left for Phuket, since we still don't know when we arrived there till we finally try to booked the hostel for 2 nights only, within period 15-16 May 2010.

So we start our journey with the tremendous heart beating ihahahahha....Deg..Deg...Deg ....

Day 1, May 12, 2010

CacingIjo Picked me up from the boarding house at 9 am, yups though our flight still on 11.30 am, we should be arrived to the airport earlier to avoid the long queue, It was welcoming long weekend.

We arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Departure, Checked In and paid airport tax at IDR 150,000 per person. More expensive than our fare...hehehhehe...., then go to the fiscal counter to get free fiscal sticker by providing NPWP (Tax Identity Card), Passport and the boarding pass to passed the immigration counter. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures upon our departure from Soekarno Hatta. Just self control since i was take the trip with Him, Rhollaz attitude came up at that time...Piss Bro...

Our flight taken almost 2 hours, since there are time differences between Malaysia and Indonesia, we arrived at approximately 2.30 PM. It was my second chance arrived in KLIA. First time for him. We pray first at the Surau (Musholla), Take a picture and buy some drinks before leaving the airport by Bus (8 RM) to KL Sentral.

In our way to the KL Central, we decided to looked for the bus ticket to Genting Highland for tomorrow morning. It was sold at the counter stated at the Ground Floor. Unfortunately, there's no ticket available for 8.00 am. We must take the first bus to ensure that we explore more before leaving Kuala Lumpur tomorrow night. Dudududu, that's our sillyness ...hahahhaha...we just let our trip flow, the important thing is the fact that we must back to Jakarta. So, we have another plan (again?????),,,,we take a monorail to the Puduraya Bus station, the central bus station at Kuala Lumpur. We should take a monorail from KL Central to Hang Tuah and got the interchange to the Pudu, when we arrived there the sales counter told us that the station temporary closed and being moved to Bukit Djalil. Poor Us...., But we never give Up hooooohoooo...that's why i loved to travel with him, our similarity comes up...hahahahah...we take monorail to the Chow Kit, check in to the Cosmopolitan Hostel before back as the ticket hunter..^_^.

We booked a 10 beds dormitory room, heheheh, with cost RM 25 nett per person. We consider to minimize the cost since our trip is not for sleeping ^_^. Both of us satisfied with the rooms, clean and feel like home (He said). After storing our luggage, we left the hostel to get into Bukit Jalil. But dududu, we're hungry. hahahha, of course lah..after a long day with no significant food being eaten. I just eat my Chocolate muffin bread while he have finished 2 pizza and 1 sausage bread since our departure this morning. And now, what i can get for you just a beef burger. So sorry to let you being starving a long day bro...

Furthermore, we walked straight to face PWTC LRT Station a long Chow Kit road, to get Bukit Jalil. When we arrived there, we conclude that this place is more than sufficient enough as temporary bus station. It was stated in the open area as some bus stations that we have in Indonesia, but the buses were well arranged into some "colony" that makes visitor/passenger become easier to identify which buses they should be. In addition, the temporary sales counter designed as a big tend/dorm with the waiting room area (though it's only a plastic chair but i think is more than proper as a temporary bus station.

When we enter the counter, we asked the sales counter and got an advice to justcome earlier tomorrow morning and get the first bus to the Genting. We finally abandon both our plan for Penang and the flight ticket towards Genting Highlands. Alhamdulillah. Allah loves us more than we ever think. we come...hahahhaha...we back to the our first plan, have a dinner at the bus station (Nasi lemak, as his request), and explore Kuala Lumpur at night. We've visit Merdeka Square, Masjid Jamek, Central Market and Suriah KLCC till midnight. You know, the best thing that we have there is knowing that we can leave our carriers (lugage) at the bus station while we enjoy Genting Highland with cost only RM 2 per bag. heeheheh...awesome.

Around 11 PM, we decided to back to hostel and take a so late dinner at KFC stated at Chow Kit Road. We talk about our plan for tomorrow till we realised that the remaining problem is "We do not have a ticket to leave Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai!!!! hahahaha.... I've checked there's direct train from KL Central to Hat Yai, sleeper class one day before leaving Jakarta. But tonight, we just aware that the sleeper class being sold out and online booking only can be made minimum 24 hours upon departure. The last option that we have is take the bus directly from Bukit Jalil to Hat Yai. It might be less comfortable, but it save our time since our transit point during exploring genting was Bukit Jalil, no further business on KL Central.

So, lets have a sleep and be ready for the long day tomorrow....

For the 2nd day, see Genting Highlands (Day 2)

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