Sunday, January 31, 2010

Singapore on peak season \^^/

Luge ride with Friends at Sentosa
Yeay...Singapore once more..
It was my 3rd time visiting this country. Previously, i've plan to take this trip with some of my 7Eleven Mates but unfortunately some of them make a cancellation due to some reason. Hence, this trip only prevailing Me, Tamee, Mbak Yoan and her sister, Ming and also Budhe Ida (my Mate that currently stay in Singapore).

Ready rangers 

Minus tam2 

Those one and a half day was fun through exploring Sentosa Island and shopping along day wkwkwkwk...a nice escape from office peak season.

Shopping like Crazy
Song of the sea, wallpaper doank

Shopping at Imlek night

And now, lets back to Jakarta...piuh....

Amigos Hostel
55 Lavender Street, Singapore, Singapore

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