Friday, November 13, 2009

Slept in 4 countries in 4 1


I never wonder that it could be happened to me
the silly thing start from my previous post...hahahah...just read it first, ^_^

Day 1,

it started with a phoned call from my friend who already wait for me in front of the nearest street of my boarding house in Central Jakarta. Unfortunately, though backpacking become our theme for this trip, we took Taxi to the Jakarta International Airport due to the early flight schedule, yup...Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur at 06.00 am. We can take the airport bus which is only cost IDR 20,000 per person instead of using Taxi which is more expensive, total IDR 110,000 including toll fee. Taxi can be the best ride when you've plan to go to the airport in group with 3, or 4 of your friends, average cost method.

International flights depart from Terminal 1 D (International Departure),
check your luggage, passport, NPWP (to get free from fiscal, it's a must!!!!), ticket, money and camera hehehehhe...

depart from CGK at 06.25 actually and arrived in KLIA at 09.25 am. "Ketibaan Dalam Negeri" hmmph Melayu language, similar with Indonesian. Take the bus from the airport to KL Central, Air Asia offer pre book during your booking, or just go to the ticket counter when you arrived at KLIA. It cost RM 8, for single trip and RM 14 for return ticket. So, i suggest you buy the return one if you've plan to continue your trip by Plane. Don't forget to get the Shuttle bus schedule for your reference.

trip from KLCC to KL central takes approx. 1 hour and it was so boring...i've met with Indonesian who've plan to stay in KL till mid of Nov, but he stay for work...lucky me..he bring some foods and share with me..hohohoho

arrival at KL Central looks like a basement, if you want to take a express train and take a rest while having a lunch you can get it at the top floor. We go up till we realize that we should go to our guesthouse at Bukit Bintang, so we must take a KL Monorail near the KL Central, which is at the ground floor (Bus Stop), continue with walking for approx. 10 minutes over the KL Central. Ask someone, if you're not sure where to go.

our first destination is Bukit Bintang, we need to take off our luggage. Backpack actually. we stay at the apartement owned by Indonesian, located at KL Plaza Suite..Bukit Bintang. Next, we go to Masjid Jamek by taking Monorail from Bukit Bintang to Bukit Nanas, change with MRT at Dan Wangi Station to Masjid Jamek Station. Unfortunately, we can't go inside Masjid Jamek because the two of us were not wearing hijab at that just take a picture outside the building.

and the rain fall....aaaargh...but we agreed to continue our trip..bring ur umbrella please...we walk through the rainy day, keep spirit to face Merdeka Square, where most of the government office stated, national library, Bank Negara, Museum etc which is only takes 15 minutes from Masjid jamek, continue with Central Market (also walking) hehehhe...most souvenir available here...and outside the building you can find the cheap steam boat and various chopping snack hmmmph yummy..with a cheap prize..

next, it's 06.00 p.m already..ooops the main purpose...Suria Twin Towers..hohoho...we decide to go there at night because we love the lighting at the building instead of the view from the skybridge which is required us to take a queue since early morning to get the ticket...

so..let's take a MRT from Pasar Seni station to KLCC.

finally, it's time to go..KL Tower waiting...hohohoho...we take a slow walking from KLCC to KL Tower huhuhu..tired... a long way..and we couldn't capture a best view of KL tower=(

maybe it's time to sleep and once again walking become our favourite that day..from KL Tower to Bukit's hard after a long..long day...
take a rest first before continuing our journey tomorrow morning, take a shower...praying...and zzzzzzzzz,,,,,,

it's enough for today

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