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Closing 2013 - The stunning view of Selamet Mountain, Indonesia

Selamet Mountain, December 2013 

I want to stand with you on a mountain....
I want to  bath with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

- Truly, Madly Deeply, Savage Garden -

2nd highest mountain in Java. I never imagine nor dreaming to be at the top of it. Yups, Selamet Mountain 3,428 Mdpl.  I'm not a hiker nor pro traveller. I just love to visit places i never been and met new people, seing new places and share about everything. But, here i am.... up and down crawling to the summit. Just like life itself, there's no guarantee that it will be easy.
Its not a good way to welcome new year for most of the people, despite of that some old friends always told me that the way i entertain myself sometimes a bit tiring instead of relaxing. And yeah, thats so damn true since hiking absolutely will be tiring. Even, i have rejected my friend's invitation to Bromo mountain and reserve my energy for this. The other reason is, i never been here.
So on friday traffic madness, i join with some BCI's friend (BCI =  Backpacker Ceria Indonesia) at Kampung Rambutan Terminal and get ready towards Selamet Mountain. There are 6 person gathered from Jakarta including me, Joko, Fardhil, Aziz, Fitri and Okha. Other companion coming from Purwokerto and Subang. All of us will meet upin Purwokerto.
How to get there?
What "there" on that question mean? of course top of the mountain.
First step, move on from the Kampung Rambutan Terminal to Purwokerto. We have to take an overnight bus from Jakarta to Purwokerto. Some bus provider may dragging you to have their service. But believes me, choose the right provider does matters. We plan to have Sinar Harapan from the beginning, but ended up to be seated in the Dewi Sri for a long ride and a short of misfortune that wasted our time.
It was a long ride, we have to spend minimum 10 hours in the bus to reach Purwokerto and become longer and longer since the bus condition is poor. The tire is broken around 2 AM. All passengers have to get down and wait with the sleepy head. Then, we ended up to arrive at Purwokerto on lunch time. Almost 14 hours!!!!
We're not stopped by at terminal since one of our companion, Mamet, is a local and offering us to have a visit at his house in Karang Kemiri, Purwokerto. He is a local who study in Yogyakarta and suddenly comeback last night to join trip with us. One of our friend from Subang, Itha, has joined him last night. And the other one is Melky, "Mamet's friend from Purwokerto. And here we are, the 9 fellowship of the Selamet Mountain ^^
Mamet's house is very comfy. Located a bit far from the mainroad, he and his brother randomly pick us to the house by motorbike. A small village down from the mountain. A beautiful landscape of a mountain and farming field brought back our spirit. And yeah, having a shower and free lunch make up our day. Mamet's family also really nice and helpful, i thought i got a CS house here hahahah

There are 2 options to enter Selamet Mountain:
a) Via Batu Raden
b) Via Bambangan

From Karang kemiri, we heading to Selamet Mountain via Bambangan. take a minibus to the place known as the gate to Selamet Mountain.
Its an evening already, when we reach the gate. After having our dinner (prepared by Memet's mom) and Shalat, we decided to take the night tracking. We didnt take the whole route at that time, stop by at the 2nd stage, spent the night there and continue our journey in the morning.
On the next day, we have a morning tracking and have a camp at stage 7, whereas some of the sky landscape already lie down in our feet and water available freely for the hikers. We only spent one night there, catch the summit early morning on the next day and get back to the city.

Morning breakfast ^^

Sunrise at Selamet Mountain

Lets not call it as a vacation, the road are extremely tiring but wonderful. The team itself was superb, caring and helpful. They encourage me to reach the top whenever i felt "OK this time and this point i have to give up. "
And here i am, like a story teller, mumbling about this place and never have any regret for ever being there.

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