Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ujung Kulon Yang Tertunda...Alhamdulillah kesampaian juga...

Oct 2-4, 2009

Cloudy afternoon at Ujungkulon
I've been living in this world for almost a quarter of the century...And seems would be never stop to Thanking The Creator with what kind of life that i have...Most of my day is a gift. Nice family, friends and blessed by Allah SWT. "Fabiayyi Aaalaa'i robbikumaaa Tukadzdzibaan."

This is one of the gift from Allah,

I always wanna have a trip to the place that i've never been. Other than "Hijjul Baiti Manishtatoo'a Ilaihi Sabiilaa", Ujung Kulon is one of those places. I've agreed to join with my backpacker friends (see, Baduy trip)to start our journey on Oct 2-4, 2010. I've no client assignment at those dates. Furthermore, a week before departure, everything changed. I've assigned to the out of town assignment. At the same time, Harris (EY Colleague) invite me to join his trip to Karimun Jawa, huhuhuhu...poor me. Ujung Kulon seems to be cancelled at that time. But, as i said..Allah loves me more than i ever think. I got the chance to go back to Jakarta earlier. Alhamdulillah...

Ujung Kulon here i come.....

I'm leaving Bandung (client site) at 2 pm and arrived at Jakarta at 5 pm. Made a flash shower and packing, Pray and go to the IDX building. The meeting point. We should be there at least at 6.30 pm. I'm late, of course. But some friends still wait for me. Thank's a lot to Febri (Pak Ketu, XL), Guntur (World Bank) and Chandra (My very Bestfriend). We took a short trip with taxi to Slipi, where's the "Rental Car" waiting. Around 8 pm we depart from Slipi to Taman Jaya, the starting point towards Ujung Kulon. 14 persons in one car for almost 8 hours, Hahahah..what a trip....

We arrived Taman Jaya approximately at 4 am. Have a very late dinner (everyone had their own belonging), take a rest and continue our trip in the morning.

Whenever we are...just remember and be thankful to the creator...then, we will see how's great the world's are...

Sweet escape 
Bolang2 Jakarta
This trip cost IDR 700K (All In)

To be updated soon

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