Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 2nd Wedding of Rhollaz...

The second winner of Rhollaz just rolled up!!!
Congratulations Chuwidh darlin'..apologize for not to attend the wedding...wish ur life happily ever after...

Thanks for all the tutor that you've gave to me..taxation, accounting and auditing that sucking my days at college. For the door open, always at your boarding house including free computer rental and affordable price on printing :9

if i remember about you and "Pak Tuek" things...and a silly question i gave you with the "exceed expextation" answer...

Me : "How if that all this time Pak Tuek have such a feeling but has no courage to confess?

and with a confident owned by a "woman" not a "girl" anymore, you fascinated me:

"Suntea, there's no such a thing in the marriage. You just feel that it was him. So, InsyaAllah this is the best for my life. Even, Pak Tuek things would not change anything."

Hmmmph...1000 times Congrats Chuwiiiidh,,,,,,

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