Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 3 - part 1 : Wishy washy day in Tokyo

17 May 2012

Our 2nd day in Tokyo.
Barely disappointed with the 1st day, unfortunately we have a very very tight schedule for today. Starting with refresh our mind through have a short sightseeing in Ueno Park (only famous during Cherry Blossom) that i thought it was so oldish, tasting a bit of religious view mixed with experiencing Japan souvenir market in Tokyo by visiting Sensoji temple and Nakamise street in Asakusa area. Have a short landing in Yokohama just to try one of the thrilling coaster at Cosmoworld. And unfortunately, we must take out Odaiba from our itinerary.

Here we go!!! Asakusa area. I dont know why, but we have regained our spirit of travelling after reaching Asakusa area. So many people heading in and out through the Kaminarimon gate. The Red giant pillar welcoming our arrival. Most of visitor taking a picture here, including domestic tourist that mostly Japanese student.

Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Street - Asakusa, Photo by : Fafa & Abang
 Interesting place to visit in Asakusa are Sensoji temple and Nakamise street. Sensoji is one of famous temple in Tokyo. This temple area also become central of certain "matsuri" (art and religion ceremony) in Japan. For example, Sanja Matsuri will be held on 20 July 2012 this year. Unfortunately, we have leavin Tokyo at that date. While, Nakamise street is a market street that have many Japanese souvenir and snacks. Even, most of snack's wrapping are so nice and eye catching. As a gift for family and friends, I've got wind chime, Japanese toys, post card and portable ashtray.  

Next, the oldish Ueno Park. We decided to visit this place based on CK recommendation as some interesting places in Japan that can be visited for free. And in my opinion, you got nothing for free. And it was true. For me, it's just another park hiding inside the metropolis. Wide area that wrapped naturally by botanical magnificent, statue and some Japanese ornament such as temple and shrine. This place become the most wonderful during cherry blossom. But for foreigner as us who just visited Japan on May, its just an ordinary park.

One of best view in Ueno Park during cherry blossom captured by Takbir on his blog

Move on from Ueno Park we decided towards Shinjuku, one of Tokyo Hub area. We have to find out Odakyu Sightseeing Centre, it was like a small counter of Tourist Information Center that offers information on sightseeing and transportation in the Japan area in English, Chinese and Korean - hence it will be more convenient for foreign travellers. This counter located inside Shinjuku station that blended with Odakyu Centre. This counter also provide services on ticket booking for buses leavin to Shizuoka such as Fujiyama, Lake Kawaguchiko, Hakone and Fujikyu Highland. As reference, see

Odakyu Sightseeing Centre

Actually there's another option for transportation to Shizuoka using JR. But, we didn't. As reference, you might check

Next, after ignoring Odaiba..let's chase the first train to Yokohama!!!!

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