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Laos Part 3 – And we stuck in the middle of nowhere for 8 hours

Laos Part 3 – And we stuck in the middle of nowhere for 8 hours

As you see, my plan to leave Laos seems to be imposed for a moment.

The Malaysian’s guy has left guesthouse earlier since he have to reach Vietnam through 24 hours overnight bus to Hanoi. But the Korean’s Oppa have to stay with me since his flight back to Korea scheduled for tomorrow night. Both of us have a plan to stay a bit in Vientiane for sightseeing. But again that’s what we've planned.
The bus that brings us to Vientiane was surprisingly nice. I’ve took some sleeper bus during my travel, but never have this kind of thing. The sleeper totally means they bring in small bed instead of reclining chair. The problem is we have to share with other passenger without any opportunity to lose the skin ship things happened. But no worry, the driver will ensure that we’re on the same gender unless you guys prefer that way. And don’t forget, we have the monks on the bus.

A bed at the top of the driver
Inside the bus, Sharing bed - if you see the guy shouting at the camera, he's the one came from Chicago and been in Lombok for a while.

Next to me, a Dutch girl who traveled in Laos for a week. She take her leave from her profession as a nurse and fly back to her country a day after tomorrow. While, across of my bed, the first row that means directly spotted by traffic lights, were a cute Chicago’s and Thai’s Girl. Same as mine both of them just met and shared bed. The Chicago Girls actually traveling with her brother, but he decided to shared bed with his Korean Girlfriend. His brother has been come to Lombok and he really really love it. And Yeah, finally my Oppa can’t stop speaking English for a while and greeting her by Anyeong Haseyooo..

The bus departed at 9 PM sharply. The Chicago Girls extremely exciting and cant stop talking. And me, I just lay down on my spare bed, talking a lot about Indonesia since my mate’s mom ever stay in Indonesia and cook some Indonesian Cuisine at home. Another surprise then. I asked her permission to having shalat and after finishing my prayer, both of us cover ourselves with the blanket and went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I barely woke up due to the light of another bus passing by and then stay awake. At that time I realized, the bus was stopped. I want to ask the other, but most of the people was asleep already. Sometimes the driver and assistance come in, I want to ask but it will be useless since both of them can’t speak English. I’m trying to sleep again but somehow I can’t. I ended up awake until morning.
In the middle of nowhere...
Some passengers get off from the bus and want to know whats happening. We should be already in Vientiane right now. And the thriller came up.

The bus broke down since last night and there’s no assistance and no other bus provided to take us. A heartbreaking news for sure. Someone who has morning flight has to release their flight because Vientiane is kind of 8 hours to go from our place. We have tried to call the bus operator but no solution. We desperately stay on the main street while other morning bus just started running for morning trip. And its happened till 8 AM.

I have to catch my train to Bangkok. I told myself.

So, I decided to stopped each bus that passing through our place hoping that they still have some seats left for us. And yeah, the driver even have no intention to slow down the speed to just ask us “What’s Going On? “ hiks,And then we tried to hitchhike personal car and succeed.
It was Suzuki APV drove by a young family. He allowed us to ride with him with some money in return. I have no problem with it, as long as I can be in Viantianne soon. Since only 10 people allowed, we have to prioritise someone who have departing schedule tonight. So me and Oppa took part in this journey.

Our savior
The problem came up when there’s only 1 seat left. I wish I can bring the spain lady who’s traveling in couple with her mom. They insisted, but it will be less comfortable for theme to squeeze inside the car for another 5 hours. But both of them agreed to bear with it and continuously changing her position to lay down in the floor.

We stopped by at Vang Vieng for lunch and toilet. See, I back to Vang Vieng at the same time with my arrival yesterday. Have a sharing lunch of grilled fish and sticky rice for the first time, then ride again for another 4 hours to Viantianne.

Stop by at Vang Vieng for Lunch

The driver dropped us at the main bus station. Saying goodbye to each other while uncounted blessing and gratefully thanks God to let us be there at that time. The Spain’s mom was unbelievable and thanks me that much for allowing them to join the van. I’m truly happy for them because tomorrow is their last day in Laos and expecting to have at least a few moment in Viantianne before leaving their country. My Oppa was grateful as well, even he still have a few hours left to just sightseeing and having dinner. It’s a memorable experience ever.

I have another problem. I’m still in Laos, while I’m expecting to be on the border.

I dealt with the Thai’s couple to share van and reach the border as soon as we can. But when we arrived, I’m a lil bit shocked since its not the same border when I reach Laos from the first time, they assured me that I can leave Laos through this place. But its not the matters buddies, it’s a bus station. What I need to have now is a train station and sleeper train to Bangkok.

Maybe I’m just a lil bit stressed and caused me forgot about everything I know about this border. Train station is close enough from here. I just take Tuk Tuk or walk, if I want. I choose the first one, and its really close. After bought my train ticket, I even have a time to have a shower in the shower room inside the station. Bought some snacks and have a pic with Royal Express Train that amazingly expensive.

Eastern Oriental Express
Me, Sandal Jepit and Oriental Express, ready leaving Tanaleg to Bangkok
I boarded on the train, took the lower berth (commonly I prefer upper) and say goodbye to Laos. Thanks for become part of my remarkable day. See you when I see you. Lets go to sleep and when I wake up, I wish I will say.. Hallo Bangkok!!

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