Friday, October 24, 2014

Take a footnotes at the famous Sand Dunes, Muine - Vietnam

Mui Ne

Muine can be reached through 5 up to 6 hours ride from both Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh. It was a seaside village that famous among traveler for its sand dunes and seafood, and i agree with that.

Arrived at night after leaving Da Lat, the rain poured my first step in Muine. I have to carry my bag from the bus stop and look for the Muine Backpacker Hostel. The cheapest and closest room from the bus stop that still available at that day. And surely, my bed is the last dorm bed available that night. Thanks God, can you imagine if i have to walk and ask each hostel again? I have to break my leg and say good bye for the next 11 days.

How i spent my day in Muine? As a sick girl, i rent a motorbike including the driver to assist me explore Muine in a short period. Most of the visitor who came in a group prefer using Jeep since the weather is windy and the sightseeing spot is far away from the tourist area.

I started early in the morning to visit the famous White Sand Dunes. Its a huge white sands with a breathtaking scenery. The next, Red Sand Dunes is not as beautiful as the first one. But since you already there, make a visit.

The road from the tourist area to the sand dunes is more fascinating compare to the destination itself. I love the beautiful scenery created by the farming fields at the top of the red flavor of the sands and soil mixed with the blue of the ocean. Fresh air blend with the wind and sunrise. No horn and traffic, the street almost empty like its designed for your own journey. Open your arms and feel the freedom for a while.

Only the sand dunes? of course not. Its a place called a "Fairy Stream", not to fairy for me, even beyond my expectation in a "not-so-good" thing, but i impressed with how the locals transform a small thing into tourist spot that surprisingly crowded with the visitor.

Last place is a fishing village, you can directly buy any fish and fresh seafood at the port. The fishy smell everywhere for sure, but nobody's care and enjoy the ambiance. Some people just get off from the boat or get ready to sail away. Some others keep busy to clean up some stuff and involved in a very serious bargaining process.

Do you think i miss some point about food on this trip? Not really. I do have some protein to keep my stomach feel good enough but never being fully accommodate. I have to get halal food, but i cant found any in Da Lat and Muine. I just having some boiled eggs and fruits at the rest area, sweet tea to manage my glucose and drink enough mineral water. Some seafood in Muine should be OK, but i'm not sure whether they have pork menu inside or not. In addition, its never good enough to enjoy seafood menu alone because you cant order many delicacies at the same time. Last, lets save the money ^^

Enough with all of those spots, i get back to the hostel for some shower and packing. I leave Muine at noon and headed to Ho Chi Minh. I booked my sleeper bus through receptionists and the driver pick me at the hostel promptly.

Lets go back to the city!!!

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