Friday, November 1, 2013

Last day in Makassar

Stunning view at Rammang Rammang
 Last day in Makassar

An exit door just an entrance to another…

Yups, leavin Toraja put me back at Daya, Bus Terminal at the center of Makassar city. After having subuh, it’s a farewell with Sandy. Yeah, our togetherness should be ended today since he plan to visit Tanah Beru and Bira beach. And it means that, again… I’m a solo traveler. Before leavin the mosque, i catch the opportunity to have a shower. As expected, its feel amazing haha.

And ith a guidance from Sandy and some research, i’m heading to my first destination. Ramang-Ramang.

What is Ramang Ramang? Some people may never hear about this place. Even local people sometimes unfamiliar with this place. Ramang-Ramang is a small village located in Maros area. It’s a close area hidden within the karsts and known as one of the best karst in the world. Not only that karsts, this place also wrapped by the river with a very nice ambience that surprisingly calming, refreshing and surely its become my one of favorite destination.

How to get there?

From Daya Terminal, take pete-pete to Semen Bosowa area. Most pete-pete on this are in blue, the difference are on the number, hence make sure you asked first to the driver whether they pass by Semen Bosowa or not. After that, you can have a walk, take Ojek (motor vehicle) or waiting for another pete-pete towards the bridge in Ramang-Ramang area. I don’t think this bridge has a certain name, but its reachable through walking. And the best one when you visit this place early morning or just for one of peaceful evening.

Down from the bridge, there’s a mini port where some wooden boat ready to lead to us to enjoy Rammang-Rammang. It’s a quite place actually, only one person stand by during my visit. And the worst is, none will be there when you arrive, my friend has this experience on her visit and it made her lost her opportunity to treasure this place. Without a long bargaining session, he took me to the one of breathtaking place in Makassar.

There’s only me and the boat driver for almost an hour during crossing the river. Our conversation became the most vocal instrument among the nature. There’s only a green and green scenery accompanied till we stop at the entrance of the village.

The village is hidden behind the karst. A huge farming area that totally dry on summer. The villagers’ house rarely seen in between. Some cows was enjoying their breakfast, try to find something green and tasty among those dried ranch fields when I started to explore. The ground is broke on every single ways, and at the top of that, again… a huge karst standing arrogantly. This village has no water supply and electricity. For living, water taken from the natural water source located in the cave. This cave spotted down at the down side of the karst.

My boat driver took me to see around the village up to the ground where it commonly used for physical training of the student at university. Its not a huge place, an open area accompanied with a wooden building for stay at night. I also got an opportunity to go inside the local house. It’s a stage house with a very simple design inside. No separator between rest room, kitchen and bedroom. But among those simplicity, two thumbs up for them for keep survive in this global area while hold tight on their culture and principle.

Rammang Rammang Village

Wonderful as it is ...

  Its 9 AM already, and I decided to leave this wonderful place and heading to my next destination, Taman Nasional Bantimurung. I took the same Pete-Pete towards Maros and ask the driver to drop me off at the place where I can take direct Pete-Pete towards Bantimurung.

Bantimurung originally was the national conservation to maintain population of the butterfly in Makassar. But now, it transform into tourism spot that offers Butterflies museum, waterfall and the cave. Butterflies museum has many collection of butterflies both local and around the world. In front of the museum, there’s a specific area to enhance butterflies reproduction and living. Specific butterfly has their own food and method to keep alive and regenerate. Next, Bantimurung waterfall; it’s a short and wide waterfall that can be afford by everyone incl children as playground. And last, the cave. Its located at the top area after the waterfall. You have to take a long tracking to get there. It’s a bit spooky for me since the area still empty, mostly stay as it is (original) and not well manage but I love some spot where the color of the river change into the blue river. Despite of the dried leaves in the surface, it reminds me a lot to the swan lake in China. A place where I want to be ^^

Bantimurung Waterfall

Playing hohohohoh

Entrance to the cave

Butterflies at Bantimurung
 I decide to finish my visit at 12 AM and unfortunately, there’s no public transportation after awaiting for almost an hour. Makassar was on the highest temperature at the time, my body covered by my own sweat when I’m walking towards the main entrance of Bantimurung and it feels like heaven when I found Pete Pete to bring me back to Terminal Daya. From Terminal Daya, I’m heading to Taman Kahyangan area, a place where my old friend kindly invite me to stay at her house for a night.

Last night in Makassar, I went to the Sumba Opu area, gift spot located close to Losari beach. I bought some snacks for office mate and my family. Next, i run into the culinary option. We tried Makassar seafood and it was my first time trying Kudu-Kudu fish. Surprisingly the taste was more than good, its delicious. We are full already and it makes our planned dessert, Es Pisang Ijo has to stay at the fridge for a while.

Yeah, a proper resting time and sweet closing for this unplanned journey. Lets packing and sadly lets say… Sayonara Makassar!!! Its nice to know you ^^

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