Sunday, September 29, 2013

A memorable short visit to Delhi

Aksardham Temple, Delhi
It takes a long time for me to write about New Delhi. Not about i dont like this city, but more about the fact that i have no time other than working. Hahah, sounds silly, but that's the fact. I only have two hands accompanied with 10 fingers that mostly used to write and define a workingpaper. A small brain, or maybe a half brain was hiding inside my head. Eventhough its not fully utilised to generate a bright idea at work (because i'm not that briliant), its tiring enough for just to create some words.
New Delhi is the capital of India and seat of the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the Government of India. It is also the centre of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. source: wikipedia
Does it mean that i will have a time for doing nothing at work? That's exactly what i'm trying to say. So, let me make a short story about my visit to the Capital of Hindustan, New Delhi.
Why Delhi?
Delhi become my next destination after Jaipur. The sixth city, where i decided to get some experience and another taste of Hindustan. I love my visit to Hindustan, and surely want to make a comeback but we never know if we still have the thing called "tomorrow" so i have to visit the capital of this country, because commonly both of the most modern and poor side of the nation are lie down and their capital. It will be interesting to see how the capital absorb all of their diversity and walk together into a modern city.
I used the term of modern city on this passage with the following consideration:
a) Delhi has established a Metro on their transportation system, just like MRT in Singapore or MTR in Hongkong, it was very convenient to travel with. The route also very tourist-friendly. My CS Host in Delhi, Anupham, accompanied me to visit Aksardham Temple, Masjid Jamek incl. a sightseeing of the busiest place - ChadniChowk (i know this place because its mostly appear in some Bollywood movie), Qutb Minar and Red Fort. I cant make a visit into some other places because its a very short visit, and this one was the best route suggested by Anupham and i do trust him.
Delhi Metro Station

b) Unlike in Rajashtan or Varanassi, you will see that not so many people are wearing Kurta or Saree, but t shirt, jeans and any casual attire. I dont like this thing that much, because i love the place where people keep their traditional clothes for daily activity. In Indonesia,  i love Jogja and Bali.
It was my 8th days in Hindustan, tired, less sleep and a lil bit afraid if i cant reach their place are haunting me along the waiting at Japur station because its keep delay and delay for several time. I tried to make a call several time to Mamtha to let her know about the train schedule through public telephone. but after 6 PM, the public telephone already closed.
Unfortunately, i met a very nice family at the waiting room. A big Indian family, and its common in here. We talk a lot and their childs are very happy to communicate with stranger like me. They help me to make a call using their mobile, even make a short conversation through mobile phone in indian language. See, India is not that scary. Even, when they know that our coach are close, they came to my place and ask me to have a dinner with them. How lucky i am.
On my coach, i sat next to the Rajashtan family who's heading to Delhi. The son, a teenager, as usual are very very happy to see foreigner like me and to have a chat with me. They offer me some Chai and Cookies. This family also very nice and helpful. They ensure that i have to get off at the proper station. Alhamdulillah.  
I met Anupham and his wife, Mamtha, for the first time on my late night arrival in Gurgaon station. A very nice and kindhearted couple. I contact them through CS and they are very welcome to host me in Delhi. I got so many delay on my train departure from Jaipur and resulting a very late night arrival. The second thing is, i booked my ticket to arrive in Delhi, but they are lived in Gurgaon, Haryana that makes me have to stay wake up and asked someone at the train, if its already arrived in Gurgaon or not.
I love my stay in their house. They take me like a little sister. We talk almost about anything, their dream of leaving in Canada, their experience with some surfers. They also try to understand of my taste problem on food, hahahaha.
I told them about my initial plan on visiting Nepal on the next day, and its cancelled since i have to take an exam in the college next week. They suggested to make a visit into Rishikesh, an 8 hours bus ride to reach the origin of Ganges. I made it and never regret.
One thing for sure when i have a chance to comeback to Delhi, make a visit and stay ant their house again. Thanks for everything.

Me, Mamtha and Anupham

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