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IncREDibles Outting, Bali 8-10 June 2013

Bali 8-10 June 2013 

Outing. It was like a small package from the Company to support work life balance initiative. And here i go, 4th times visiting Bali during my 4th year at "You-Know-Where." Yups, i get bored already with Bali, its not that i dont like it, but somehow  wish that we will going to the place that i've never been. Yeah, i wish. However, i enjoy the trip and here the itinerary. 

Day 1 - 8 June 2013

06.15 Flight from Jakarta to Bali
09.30 Arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali 
09.30 - 13.00 OTW Airport - Tulamben 
13.00 - 16.00 Dive at Tulamben 
16.00 - 16.30 shower and clean up (incl. stop by for shalat) 
16.30 - 20.00 OTW from Tulamben to Nusa Dua (Melia Hotel)  

During 3 days in Bali, participant has to join the whole program at the second day only that means we have free time during first and last day. 

And yups, i spent my first day just for diving and so on, that's already made me exhausted the whole day. For underwater photo gonna be updated once received from Poncy. In addition, i went out early morning (oo.30 AM) to have 2nd dinner at Nasi Pedes Bu Andika. It was nasi rames with spicy taste located in Kuta Area - in front of Joger and open 24 hours. You have to try this once you visit Bali. 

Tulamben Beach - Bali
After Dive ^^
Day 2 - Amazing race (Team Building) and Gala Dinner at Kelapa Pecatu Resorts 

Our company has booked Melia Hotel Nusa Dua for all participants. It was one of five star hotel which i can afford personally. Especially when i travel alone. I ought to spent money on other things rather than a place to sleep. 

However, it was a nice hotel. Since it was an old building, the design are so oldish but still looks magnificent since it well managed. It has a direct view to the beach and loveable view to just relaxing on seaside in the morning or just for evening walk. I did it in the morning after having breakfast before leavin' for the amazing race. 

At this team building program, we had divided into small group and has to complete all the task at the different places spread among Nusa Dua and GBK by riding a car. I'm not the winner, or may i make correction, my team is not the winner. But we enjoy the game actually. I love the task when we came to the elementary school to challenge them on Badminton, Singing and learn on how to practice Bali Dance with the girls. 

Beach side - Melia Hotel, Nusa Dua
My team - Yellow B
Team Building
The games finished around 3 PM and we get back to hotel for a short rest prior departure to Kelapa Pecatu Resorts. Yups, another high cost place for dinner that i cant afford during travel. But since it was for free, lets enjoy. 

Surprisingly, the venue was incredible as the price. it was worth for money. The sun are gloomy when we arrived there. A huge blue pool and the beach looks well integrated. it was obvious without no more asking why most of the visitor being busy with their camera. The view was awesome man!!!! 

Pre Gala Dinner, Kelapa Resort
Dinner time ^^
PwC Photobooth - rameee 
Pose rame - rame 

Day 3 : Eat, Eat and go Home 

I went to bed so late after headed to Krisna and ate Nasi Pedes again last night (midnite actually), so we decided to enjoy our last day by having late wake up and stick to the plan for just have a culinary and shopping for today. 

We rent a car that suit 8 people and all of us have agreed to make our first step to the one of famous culinary taste in Sanur, Bali. Looking back to my last visit in Bali six months a go, finally i make accomplishment and feel so relieved to be here #lebay. 

Sop Ikan Makbeng for me taste like refreshing light fish soup, with the fried Tengiri and Sambal i have abandon my plan to share my rice instead of have one portion for my own... hahahahha, not intend to be greedy, but my friend has 5 portion of rice for the two of them. Oh my god!!! 

Located at the Matahari Terbit area, Sanur, Mak Beng should be one of your culinary that you must try.  Even it can be reach using Trans Sarbagita (Busway Bali) by take a stop at Matahari Terbit shelter and walks towards Sanur Paradise Hotel and Sanur Beach (Sunrise spot). One portion of Fish Soup complete with rice and Fried Tengiri cost IDR 35K you can have additional compliment such as fish egg with extra charges. 

Finally Mak Beng - Sop Ikan, Sanur 

Before leavin Bali, we still have our second lunch, FlapJacks, A cute Pancake and ice cream that only available in Bali. I share my order with friend this time for sure. Makbeng still swimming in my stomach but abandoning this sweet crunchy thing will be my guilty pleasure hahahhaha... 

FlapJaks - Bali Galeria Mall

Hunting Oleh3 - Krisna

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