Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 1 - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, My first step towards Hindustan

4 May 2013 

Most of the people that i met always had the same question, the same thought, similar view but sure some of them still have the different opinion. And for me, that's so human. What i got to do? Just listen.. absorb the good things and try to be positive thinking. They care about me. That's it!!! 

Maybe its not about visiting the most holy place for moslem as  we dreaming of, the huge metropolis city such a Newyork or amazing underwater place such a Raja Ampat but among that it was one of the must be visit place in my life. Especially, while i'm still have an energy to explore the Lord's creatures. 

Its a place where the second largest community lived in, where the needs spread across the country, when touts sounds so terrifying among traveler, but so on its where the symbol of love that stood up arrogantly as one of the worlds seven wonders. Not only that, it was a place when two religion finally lived in together and built their own history. But for me, its place to challenge myself, 

"Have i being thankful for everything that i had?"

First, i knew this country from some of movies shown on local television. A very long screen shot full with music, song and performance. Later, its known best with police, criminal and love story. But today, i remember it as the one best creator of the thoughtful message on their movies. 

"Life have to be useful for others, just like tomorrow never comes. "
"Live to give as much as you can"

Maybe you'll know from which movie i took those quotes. But i didnt come to this country because of this movie. You know, just like love.. you dont need a reason to love. 

And with Allah's blessing a took my first step to the gate of this incredible site of Asia, 4 May 2013, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata, greeting my footstep entering Hindustan. Namashkar!!! 

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata 
They said i'm solo, that's why they were worried a lot about me. A woman, single and India. Sounds like a wrong combination of holiday. Some newspaper wrote about rapped and sexual harassment, most people talked about the worst thing that might happen. Not ignoring all of the warning, i just try to believe best in people. 

We born alone. Die alone. So should we live alone? 

They said i'm solo, but you'll see that every single time i never alone. That's what travel should meant to be. Meet and learnt from others. Share and receive. And with all of these spirit i started my journey in Kolkata, one of the busiest city in Hindustan. 

My flight arrived around 5 PM in the evening. After got my Visa in Jakarta, i plan to chase the time keeper and grab the chance to explore a bit of the city, at least the famous Victoria Memorial Park. But you know, travel is not only about plan but how you turn out everything that seems impossible around you and make a small miracle. 

I plan to travel with one Indonesian guy and one Malaysian ladies that i never met before, but God grant me another companion. Three Indonesian guys from Batam and Pekanbaru. And the three of them applied Visa on Arrival that made me have to wait for them. It seems that i wasted my time right? What i'm avoid for, lead me to the place where i have to be stuck in the waiting room. 

But sure, its not about that. I do believe everything happen for a reason. That there's no such a coincidence in life. These wonderful five companion has coloring my day and just like a magic, it turned my solo travel became cheerful and memorable. 

And here they are... 

1st, Alid Abdul, blogger and budget traveler from Jombang. He has traveled a lot around Asia, talk active, Indian addict and energic. If you want to know more about him, visit

Second, Jardness. Aka Zarah Naumul. Famous Blogger from Malaysia. Eat, live and travel a lot. Visit her page at 

Third, Adi Wijaya. Travelholic from Pekanbaru. We hop on and off around Kolkata and Agra. Got him on @addywidjaja. 

Last, a crazy buddies from Batam; Yayan and Mukhlis. No plan, just gone with the wind hahahaha... just like leavin on the train Bro..thanks for sent me away from my first train ride in      India. 

MyCrazy Companion in Hindustan

First part, quarelling over prepaid taxi outside the airport. Yups, prepaid taxi consider as cheapest way to reach the city. But hold on, the first step is to find the correct place to got the ticket. There's taxi booth outside the airport, but prepaid taxi counter was located inside just close to the arrival hall. What you need to do is just tell them your destination, but please ensure you spell it correctly and they print the same thing at the ticket. Because what we had, we have to pay more than it should be. 

We divided our group into two colonies, first, me, Alid, Jard and Addy will go towards Victoria Memorial Park and drop Adi at his hostel on our way heading to Syealdah. Adi gonna stay in Kolkata tonight and heading to New Delhi by train tomorrow. Me, Alid and Jard gonna catch Darjeeling Mail Train from Kolkata to New Jaipalguri towards Darjeeling tonight. While the Batams, even tough they have the same destination as mine, they decided to headed directly to Syealdah Railway Station. They have to ensure that their train ticket running tonite. 

Prepaid taxi charged for INR 110 from airport to Syealdah and INR 310 from Airport to Victoria. It lil bit too much since we have to pay INR 150 from Victoria to Syealdah. See, it should be only INR 270. Unfortunately, Victoria has been closed upon our arrival and we decided to directly towards Syealdah after have a short photo session. 

Just Landed - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Kolkata

Inside the airport 

International Arrival 

Only for Queuing, voucher bought inside the airport 

A Yellow Cab around Kolkata traffic at nite 

Me at the entrance of Victoria Memorial Park, Kolkata
Syealdah Railway Station 

Hunting our names, at Syealdah 

Inside the railway station 
After a long chit chat and hunting session, we noted that The Batams name is not included in the list. They have to argue with the ticketing officer until found out that they have booked another train towards Darjeeling. Yups, the fifth of us are heading to Darjeeling but only the two of them has different train. Another train departed on one hour after ours. 

So, till we meet again Bro!!!


  1. hehe.. is actually a porn site in the Chinese language. my link is =P

    1. Hahahhaha, LoL. OK Revised. But maybe some visitor prefer the old one :p

  2. kirain solo travelling hihihi ... seru bangeet rame2 begitu ngiri euy ...
    akhirnya bisa ke India juga yaaaaa ...
    habis brp jeti say ? perjalanan satu minggu yaaa :)

    1. It was started as solo travelling from Jakarta. But you know, you never be alone during your travel.

      Aku sama mereka ga selamanya bareng. Ada yang rutenya sama, ada yang ketemu, pisah and ketemu lagi. Atau bahkan, cuman ketemu di bandara pas nyamepe Kolkata.

      Aku disana 2 minggu. Total pengeluaran sekitar IDR 3.5 jt tanpa tiket PP.

      Seneg sey bisa diberi kesempatan ke India, dan ga nolak kalo dikasi kesempatan lagi kesana someday. Amin.