Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bromo - Affordable amazing mountain experience for everyone ^^


Yups, Bromo has become our favorite destination for the closing of 2012. After went to Bali for dive and work, its best to experience a beautiful mountainsides view with friends. So as arranged, Abang, Emak, Emoy and Mbak Be headed to Juanda Airport to get me and together we headed to Probolinggo.

When we arrived, its almost 7 PM already. The balcony of Hotel Cemara Indah, a place where you can enjoy meatballs with Bromo directly has gotten dark.  Our body just started shivering due to cold weather. And here we go, eat meatballs!!! hahahhaha

After having a snack session, we started to find guesthouse and Jeep (HardTop) for rent. After a short period of time, we got two room for 7 peoples incl. our driver (Female and Male, separated) and one Jeep for all of us. The price was a lil bit balooning compared to my last visit 2 years a go. And again, its new year Pal, that's why inflation come so sudden at tourism spot ^^

We spent our nite just for looking those rental stuffs and eating. Yups, eating. Meatballs seems can't satisfied our craving on food, hence we headed to small kiosk to get some warm drink like tea, coffee, milk or mixed of it and Indomie. Heheh, Indomie is the best companion at the cold place like Tengger, Bromo.

What you can do in Bromo?

  • Enjoy sunrise in Pananjakan. Beware, there's Pananjakan 1 and Pananjakan 2. I've been seen the sunrise from those places, and for me Pananjakan 1 is better. 
  • Ask your driver to go for sightseeing around Bromo area and visit some places such as Teletubbies Hill (A group of a mountain slope, a hill, with the greeny outlook on the spacious area - Just like in Teletubbies show;if you know what i mean). Its beautifull. 
  • Visit Pasir Berbisik area, it was a huge black sand dunes hence sometimes you can't see what things waiting in front of you. Sometimes foggy and windy. A good place for touring with motorbike or jeep i thought. This place was famous as the place where Indonesian movie taken here, Pasir Berbisik. 
  • Kawah Bromo. You have to be strong enough to visit this place. Other than a long walk in the sandy area, you have to face around 200 stairs to reach the top. You can have a horse ride, of course. or you can walk calmly and take a rest often to make it. But sure, you haven't visit Bromo if you're not experience these efforts. At least, try first ^^ 
  • Madakaripura waterfall. Its waterfall. But sometimes close if the weather consider dangerous for visitor. 
  • Camping. Of course you can. But dont forget to get permission at the tourism office. 
Yeah, we have all of those stuffs except Madakaripura and Camping during our short visit'. A wonderful experience with wonderful friends.

For me, Bromo was the affordable amazing mountain experience for everyone. Why? Because you dont have to be a pro as hiker to get this amazing view. You can have a kids and parents to visit this place. If they are not strong enough, ride a horse or shared a jeep. But of course, still be carefull.. because you have to know the condition of your own body.

So, what are you waiting for?? Just come and enjoy Bromo ^^

And here, a small snapshot from Abang and Emoy camera...

Waiting for the sunrise at Pananjakan 2 

Kawah Bromo - Pic by: Abang

We made it ;p - Pic by Abang

Crazy Pose.. 

Sitting at the top op Kawah Bromo - Pic by Abang

Kick the Azkaban for a while - Pic by Abang

Free Chocolate to bring back our Happiness after Dementor comin' - Pic by Abang

Pasir berbisik ... hussst!!!! - Pic by Abang

Shared Jeep : Pananjakan - Kawah - Teletubbies - Pasir berbisik >> IDR 800K
Room for rent : IDR 500K (2 rooms, each room has two bed 200*120M)
Shared cost per person all in : IDR 350K

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