Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 11 : Trapped in Osaka... again????

Osaka, 25 May 2012

Today is the last day of our journey in Japan. But sorry to say, its not one of my IncREDibles day. I don't know having almost the last 24 hours in Osaka is not a big deal. If i have such a time in Kyoto, damn it would be a thrilling moment when i chase the time to visit more and more side of that city with full of excitement. Or, at least in Tokyo we still have Odaiba, Kamakura or Disneysea (the last choice) rather than feeling "trapped" again within the arbitrary of this city.

I dont like this city. Yes i don't.

Since its not a big deal, we have enjoyed our last moment by visiting Yodobashi Umeda (Yodobashi Camera that located in Umeda area) just for hunting some items ordered by some friends. Shopping Uniqlo, again?!!! and chill out at Shinsaibashi to revisit Glico Man area and tasting Takoyaki and Japanese crepes for the last time. Truly, its feel so bored that day.

Its become more horrible day ever since i got my PMS. I keep yelling to Abang and my whole body feel tired easily. "Less concentration?", Abang said. And indeed, that's happened. I almost lost our "precious book" at Yodobashi Umeda. The book where i recorded all the expenditures during this trip. Oh my Godness!!!!

I barely feel numb when i realised that its missing. I have tried to revisit each places where i've been before and its nothin.' The challenge are; when I'm questioning everyone, at each floor, none of them understood what I'm saying!!! Yeah, its more difficult to communicate in English here, in Osaka compared to Tokyo, Kyoto even Fuji and Nara. I was lil bit stressful.

JR Osaka Station
Yodobashi - Takoyaki - GlicoMan - Sinsaibashi

The legendary Book

We leave Osaka at 3 PM though our flight back scheduled on 11.00 PM. Its better to spend our day at the airport instead of sightseeing in the city. And its true. Kansai International airport was a huge airport located at sub-urban area that can be reached through both Airport Limousine Bus and Japan Railway (JR). We took the last option, JR from Shin Imamiya station (nearest JR station from Hotel Chuo Selene) that directly bring as to Kansai Airport.

We did not have a full appearence of the airport since both of us fall asleep during the trip and woke up once we arrived at the train transfer area that lead us directly to the mainhall at the 4rd floor. Since we have a pretty much time prior to our departure, we decided to put our lugagge at coin locker and have a short sightseeing inside.

Prayer room sign at the airport

At the 3rd floor, there's many clothing and souvenir shop such as Uniqlo, Daiso and also food restaurants that mainly comprises Japanese food eventhugh there's also western (italian) food available. Prayer room also available at the th floor.

We have our last supper in Japan with Udon and Ramen (again??). And finally, Good Bye Heiji!!!

NB: All pic here taken by Abang using Canon S100

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