Friday, July 15, 2011

day 8, Jump on adrenaline rush at Singapore

Singapore 30 June 2011

The 8th days!!!!! hohohohohoh....
Starting with early flight from Penang, the 8th days never disgrace our spirit to enjoy our holiday. Yeah, finally we call this trip as holiday. No longer backpack along chasing the bus at the bus station ;9 We have agreed that the remaining days we have at Singapore would be assigned as a refreshing moment. Enjoy the atmosphere of the city and go to the place whenever we wanted hohoohoho..

Safely landed at Changi Airport around 11.30 AM Incl. bagage claim and some weird-doing (takin' picture, top up EZ Link etc), we officially arrived at hostel around 01.00 PM. What a long way for Singapore (should be arrived earlier). We have made online booking of this hostel but unfortunately we didn't notice that check in open at 02.00 PM so we left our luggage at the guesthouse and killing time by having lunch at the Halal Food Kios close to the hostel.

I've stayed at this hostel in 2009, but yet having no experience that there's halal food around the hostel. The kios not only provide Indonesian food such as Rendang and some Padang cuisine but also Indian Food such as Prata, nan and curry. We feels like the right man at the right place..when we've got hunger we got the food that halalan thoyyibaan (arabics) then back to the hostel for check in.

The receptionist, Mrs. kay was totally changed since the last time i met her. But her character, still moody as always. This condition makes her got a bad comment from the visitor that can't be have a well communication with her. And it doesn't apply to me hhohohoo..i've got the cheaper rate and no refundable deposits SGD 50 during our check in. Just leavin' my passport at the receptionist ^^

We have booked a 4 bed dormitory for a night, but we consider to extend since the hostel can be classified as "awesome" in affordable price and location. The room actually being renovated hence the atmosphere was totally changed. New bed, room, bedsheet that can be sure that it was clean and hygiene enough. Less than 5 minutes walk to MRT station (Aljuneid) and close to the Halal food kios. What can i expect more then?

Lay down at our dormitory, thinking about the last 7 days...still makes me again and again never stop thanking the creator for everything i've got. Straightened our feet that have been "work harder" than ever, and of course have a chit chat with our room mate, Philiphinon Girl, Rose Anne Marianan and finally the "So much talking Man" foreigners who said that he stay in Malang, Indonesia and Of course Marsita, from Bali - Indonesia.

After take a rest and have a shower, we decided to start exploring Singapore. Destination? Not so much places left after you've visit this small country for the fifth times right? So..i thought that being a guide for my travel partner, Harris (2nd times visit Singapore) is a good idea.

We start by lookin' around the Bugis Junction, one of cheap market at Singapore. Nothin' interesting here for me, except you loved to shopping ^^. Afterall, we've plan to visit Chinatown, but since i told him that Chinatown is similar to Bugis, finally we're leaving for Clark Quay. What for? Of course to taste the adrenaline rush of Gmax Bungee that i've never been before, with a long waiting due to TV broadcasting at those time, we've made it..and it's FUN!!!!

G-max have a two types of games. First, G-max Bungee and the second was G-max Extreme Swing. G-max Bungee reaches 60 metres in the air and hitting the air at the speed of 200 Kph while G-max extreme Swing falls from the 50 metres and reaching 120 Kph. Cool rite?? and you know..we've tried both of those games hohohoho...

After playing around the G-max, we just walk around the Clark Quay and enter Liang Court Mall to spend more few hours and you know, when i enter the bookstore, just chill out...until then unintentionally i asked the information centre and found out that i can get my "most wanted" books at Kinokuniya Orchard. Alhamdulillah...

But, since it's been late night already we decided to visit Orchard tomorrow and leaving Clark Quay towards Mustafa Centre. It's shoppin' time hohohoho...We have much enough in our cart when we're leavin' Ferrer Park (yups, take ferrer park MRT station instead of Little India if u want to get in Mustafa Centre, it close enough!!!!) at 11.00 PM. This day was fun with a proper time management for the trip sounds like just "Holiday."

have a tight sleep all ^^

G-Max Bungee/Gmax Extreme Swing : SGD 45/ride, SGD 60(Both) plus additional SGD 15 for G-max Bungee Video

98SG, Singapore, Singapore
98SG Geylang Lorong 27, Singapore, 388198,
ph: +65-67478211 96B Lor 27 Geylang 2ndFlr Next to MRT
em: book@98SG.COM

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  1. maaf sist ga ada masalah kan itu booking hostel 98SG dari hsotel world cz saya rencana juga mau pake itu hostel sist..thx sebelumnya jawabannya.. ^^ oia madam kay beneran jahat yak?trus kondisi toilet ma kamar bersih kan sist?

  2. Hi juga sist, ga masalah kok aq udah lebih dari sekali stay di hostel ini. Lumayan nyaman untuk ukuran budget hostel. Klo soal Kay, dia moody sey bukannya jahat..just try to have a chit chat with her as a friend... hehehehe...klo soal toilet and kamar, so far bersih kok. Tapi ga tahu juga klo beda standard. Just bear in mind, this is hostel aka guesthouse, jangan di compare ama hotel yak ^^