Friday, June 4, 2010

Phuket Days'

Phuket is a beach town. Most of the spot area dominated by the beach adventures. One of the famous beach in there is a Patong beach. A good Man gone to Heaven, the Bad one gone to Patong hehehehehe...And so our last 2 days have been spent to enjoy the islands. We have picked tour for 2 days cost THB 1,100 each day per person. Total THB 4,400.

It was our fourth day, May 15, 2010. We have booked our tour for Phi Phi Island, especially Maya bay (where's The Beach scene have been taken place). And some of awesome spot around the island. And also on May 16, 2010 James Bond Island, Phanga island where you can have canoeing in a very best place (the cave similar to Grand Canyoon Pangandaran, but in a much better "package." In overall, two thumbs up for the phi phi island especially Maya bay with the softer white sand i ever know.

May 15, 2010

May 16, 2010

And the last scene of Jungcey Long for the last night in Phuket..we're leaving on the first flight from HKT (Phuket) To Jakarta on 07.00 am.

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