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Overland from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai (Thailand)

May 14, 2010

Maybe, for most of you thought that it was my stupidity. But, truly....i always wanna do this. Inspired by some blogs that told much about how we can go overland from one country to another. Long time to spend, but they love it. That's make me wanna to take the same route as mentioned. There's always be the first time for everything..and i comnmitted to start this in here...Kuala Lumpur.

If u read my previous post for our 2nd day in Malaysia, it's mentioned that we can't get the sleeper class for the express train from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai. Commonly, it cost at RM 65. This condition encourage us to take the Konsorsium Express Bus directly from Bukit Jalil to Hat Yai with embedded cost amount to RM 60 (Sleeper Class) including TV, Video and blanket. They called this class as VVIP. There's also VIP Class and standard class cost 50 and 45 respectively. VIP Class has no adjusted chair and video. Departed 1 hour earlier than VVIP Class. Otherwise, standard Class has the same facilities as VIP but operate on Double Deck Bus. I don't know why it makes the cost become cheaper, the average cost maybe...since the fuel can be divided into total passengers (economics view...^_^), and it becomes the last buses to Hat Yai.

We booked 2 packs VVIP Class ticket directly to the sales counter inside the station. There are many bus provider, please answer whenever someone asks. They are very helpful. I was impressed for that, since in Indonesia there's much illegal ticket provider around the station. Spontaneously, we choose Konsorsium Express Bus. It was the first provider we met after questioning some people and based on my "Blogwalking", no significant issue raised among the travellers...hohohohoho...

The bus depart on 11 pm sharply, the driver told us to prepare our passport for immigration checked at the Thai Border in the morning. We slept tightly, since we don't have one on our first day at Kuala Lumpur. And, as mentioned before...we have to passed the 1st border on almost fajr. The driver collect all the passport and fulfill the form for us while we're waiting at the "waiting area". 30 minutes later, we back to the bus and continue our journey after approximately 10 minutes stopped by at the duty free store.

Early morning, we arrived at the border of Kuala Lumpur and Thailand. All passenger must be check out from the bus (including their belonging) to passed the immigration. The procedures totally the same, showing passport and arrival card, questioning bla..bla....and then, welcome to Thailand. The bus stop on the travel counter (owned by Konsorsium Bus Express). We take a Taxi (not explicitly taxi, it was personal car that called Taxi there) cost THB 50 to the Bor Ko Sor, Hat Yai Bus station. According to my blogwalking, there's a bus go directly from Hat Yai to Phuket. But, we take a minivan provided by travel across the station cost THB 400 per person and will be departed on 8.30. They said it takes approximately 5 to 6 hours. hohohoho...

" The thai statement's are 40% accurate,hohohoho..." We depart on almost 9.15 am and we take a long overland journey. Totally 7 and a half hour. huiks.....including stopped by in several spot along the journey. Krabi, interchange to other minivan while we have Halal food for lunch. We arrived at Phuket on 5.00 pm. Make a phone call to the hostel, since we not yet booked the room for today. Our booking made for tomorrow onwards.

We take a Fortuner (taxi...hohohoo) from station to Lamai Apartment (our guesthouse) cost 500 THB. "Come On Sun, never hang on this ride right???" Chan's said. It was absolutely correct, i never imagine that Fortuner could be transformed into the public transport such as "TAXI".

On our way to the guesthouse, the driver eventually drop us into one of tour agent. He also offering some help if we would like to book the hostel closer to the beach. However, as i told you, don't take it seriously. From 40% there's still a lie...heheheh. Our guesthouse, Lamai Apartment was exceed our expectation. Closer enough to the beach and Bang La Road. We also got the good price for our trip to the Phi-Phi island and James Bond Island each cost THB 1,100 by speed boat(Thanks to Chandra for this =P), using the big boat should be cheaper but you can't getting closer to the beach.

We've spent our first night in Phuket by sightseeing on the Bang La Road. All the bars, hip music, fire attaraction and of course the ladies..hahahah (unfortunately i can't share the special pics of the ladies here...Astaghfirullah!!!!). We got our dinner at one halal food stand near to the Patong Beach. Alhamdulillah. Then, we walked towards the street straight to Jung Ceylong and found some gift store around there. Chan's bought some and then We get back to the hostel around midnight. Prepare for the tomorrow morning trip. We would be picked up around 8 a.m. Before take a rest, we calculate our expenditure and plan to withdraw some money tomorrow, since we've spent more than expected. Night all...

Bus KL - Hat Yai (Konsorsium Bas Express)(9 hours) >> VVIP=RM 60, VIP=RM 50, Double Deck=RM 45
Taxi from Bus Stop to Bus Station = THB 50
Minivan Hat Yai - Phuket (7 hours) = THB 400
Taxi from Phuket bus station to Hostel = THB 500

Lamai Apartment
29/95 Rachapathanusorn Rd., Patong beach, Phuket
Patong Beach

p. +6676340576
f. +6676340586

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